Home Security

Your premier smart home security solution.

The Ultimate In-Home Control

The Slimline Touchpad doesn’t rest on its stylish curves alone, it controls every aspect of a modern security system, delivering real-time, at-a-glance control of Video Cameras, Z-Wave devices and every intrusion and environmental sensor. Everything is instantly available on the vivid 7” touchscreen.

Complete Smart Security Solutions

Built both hardware and software, so it all works seamlessly together. Designed to wirelessly merge alarm monitoring, video cameras and home automation devices.

Life Safety

Life safety is a crucial part of any home security system, bringing immediate awareness to life-threatening events. These highly reliable alarms are critical to creating a layered smart security system.


Glassbreaks are a fundamental piece of security technology and add an extra layer of protection to your security system. With four sensitivity levels SafeTight, can adjust the sensor to each individual application, giving you flexibility and reliability, knowing you have the best in intrusion detection.

Video Surveillance For The Future

Video brings security to a new level of convenience and awareness. Powered by the Alula ecosystem, video, security and automation is streamlined to a single interface. Video delivers event-based visual alerts stored in the cloud, giving you immediate access to view, manage and retrieve clips on any device from anywhere.

Home Of Security That's Safe Tight

At SafeTight Security we take a holistic smart security approach designed to your specific needs. Our design specialist meet with you at your home to discuss potential security risk and solutions. We design systems that are scalable and efficient ensuring your home is safe tight.

SafeTight Security – Security That’s Safe Tight

The Latest In Security

Custom products for your every day needs.

One App Solution

Smartphone app controls security, video and automation.

Personal Life Safety

At SafeTight we offer the latest technology in personal life safety devices.

Connect+ Panel Kits

Connect+ controls any Z-Wave device remotely, with lightning-fast speed.

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